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Recently, a physical derivation of the Alday-Gaiotto-Tachikawa correspondence has been put forward. A crucial role is played by the complex Chern-Simons theory arising in the 3d-3d correspondence, whose boundary modes lead to Toda theory on a Riemann surface. We explore several features of this derivation and subsequently argue that it can be extended to a generalization of the AGT correspondence. The latter involves codimension two defects in six dimensions that wrap the Riemann surface. We use a purely geometrical description of these defects and find that the generalized AGT setup can be modeled in a pole region using generalized conifolds. Furthermore, we argue that the ordinary conifold clarifies several features of the derivation of the original AGT correspondence.
Under review, 2017.

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Generalized Toda Theory from Six Dimensions and the Conifold

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Linear response of entanglement entropy from holography

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During my undergrad, I TA’d for several linear algebra and calculus courses. I also set up a preparatory statistics course for the Amsterdam University College.

After TA-ing statistical physics in the first year of my PhD, I helped set up a master’s course on mathematical methods in theoretical physics. To supplement the course book Topology and Geometry in Physics by Nakahara, Manus Visser and I composed a large number of exercises with typed solutions. The exercises are available upon requests.


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